Sonic Protest 2012 Compilation

by Balinese Beast



Pale Deposit is a track part of the 2012 Sonic Protest Compilation, and it is due to our mini-tour in France that took place from 6th of April until the 14th and included one show in Lille at Centre Culturel Libertaire with Astreinte, Torticoli and Arschgeil, one show in l'Accueil Froid in Amiens with Jean Detrémont, Orchestre de Bartch and Astreinte and the last one in Sonic Protest at Petit-Bain with post-punk hardcore heroes Flipper.


released April 4, 2012




Balinese Beast Αθήνα, Greece

Balinese Beast is a duo project from Greece with Giorgos Axiotis and Ilan Manouach, working with electronics, home hacked-fi systems, samples, drum machines and the whole saxophone family. They have performed extensively in Greece and also in Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, France and Austria. ... more

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